How to Exchange TRON on Changelly: Short Guide

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How to Exchange TRON on Changelly: Short Guide

Finally, TRON is listed on Changelly and available to exchange against over 130 cryptocurrencies and buy for Visa / Mastercard. Today’s short guide is about how to buy TRON for BTC at the best rate taken from Binance.

A bit about TRON

TRON is a top 10 cryptocurrency that provides cutting-edge technologies for the decentralized internet. The TRON platform represents the largest operating system based on the blockchain which is fueled by the native TRX token. Lately, TRON has migrated from ERC20 to Mainnet. The swap has taken place between June 21st – June 25th (GMT+8). After a deployment and following tests, Changelly has successfully launched TRX. Hooray!

Buying TRX on Changelly for crypto

1) First off, on your left, choose BTC (or whatever the crypto is). Enter the amount you want to buy TRX for. Any amount. Go next.

2) Check the info and go next if you’re okay with that.

3) Enter your TRX wallet. Since it’s migrated to Mainnet, the wallet address now starts with “T”.

4) Check the info again. Do that attentively. Proceed to the next step only if the information you see meets your needs.

5) Now you need to send us the crypto you’re about to exchange. Get your wallet address from this step, go to your wallet and use this address for sending.

6) Now wait a little

7) Aaaaand here you go!

It’s so easy to use! Give a shot! And don’t hesitate to ask questions to [email protected]