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RedHotBlock is a news aggregation portal with news feeds coming from RSS feeds around the internet on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology and Fintech.

We are not liable for any of the news and information that have been drawn and it does not represent our views and opinions in any way.

We provide just a convenient reader for anyone who is following the space and does not want to have to build their own list of feeds.

Our RSS source includes:

  • Coindesk
  • CNBC
  • Cointelegraph
  • Bitcoin.org
  • Ethereum.org
  • Fintech Times
  • Techcrunch
  • Finews.asia
  • Insuranceage
  • Reinsurancenews
  • CCN
  • Bank Innovation
  • Cryptoslate
  • Fintechnews.sg

Red Hot Admin

RedHotBlock.com is an aggregator of the latest news on Crytocurrency, Blockchain and Fintech.