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Winner of Healthcare Unblocked Startup Showcase Announced

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Written By Matthew Dove (Digital Editor)

Competition was fierce at Healthcare Unblocked on Friday as four startups vied for the top spot in the event’s Transformation in Practice – Startup Showcase. Your humble narrator was lucky enough to be amongst the judges given the unenviable task of choosing an overall winner…

Alexander Seyf was first to present, and his project, ChainCubed, boasts the unique selling point of bringing blockchain applications from idea from to fruition in 1-4 weeks. With the backing of Oracle, one of the industry’s most influential developers, Seyf’s project has the reach of a big player whilst retaining the agility of a startup and would prove a tough act to follow.

(ChainCubed CEO and Founder Alexander Seyf)

Next into the line of fire was Wernhard Berger, representing Grapevine World, a blockchain solution for the myriad difficulties of safely securing and transferring sensitive medical records. Berger’s pitch was confident, polished and delivered with all the conviction of a man who’d flown to London specifically to showcase what he believes is a true industry game-changer. On the day, it was hard to disagree with Bernhard as he sketched an outline for Grapevine World’s unbreakable chain of medical data which affords patients complete control of information shared with third parties.

(Grapevine World’s Wernhard Berger)

Dr Maureen Emeagi took to the stage third to pitch her vision for a blockchain-lead preventative care program which combines ease of access to records for clinicians, incentives and condition management protocols for patients and real-time aggregated health data for related third parties. LookHealth is a medical platform to predict, prevent and manage metabolic diseases like diabetes using AI and blockchain. It offers a holistic medicinal approach for modern times, which achieves a fine balance between efficiency and automation on the one hand and tailored-made remedial care on the other.

(LookHealth’s founder Dr Maureen Emeagi)

Bringing it home was Shiv Aggarwal CEO of MyEarth.ID an authentication platform designed to set new standards for identification verification. Whilst competing in an increasingly crowded market, Aggarwal is confident that MyEarth.ID’s unique scoring system for establishing the “Trust Score” of an individual’s means of identification mark it apart from the pack. In a digital landscape such applications will be vital not only in the healthcare industry but across almost all other industries as well. But had MyEarth.ID done enough to walk away as Healthcare Unblocked’s 2018 startup showcase champion? Over to the judges to find out…

And the winner is…

After considerable deliberation, judges Dr Amit Patel, Toby Lewis, myself and moderator Dr Jane Thomason decided that the project which exemplified the spirit and intent of the Healthcare Unblocked Startup Showcase was … drum roll please …


startup showcase
(L-R. Dr Jane Thomason, Toby Lewis, Dr Maureen Emeagi, Dr Amit Patel, Matthew Dove)


Dr Emeagi’s project has real legs and in a tight contest its clarity of vision and real-world utility shone through. The first question every investor or VC will ask of a startup project is, does the world need this? In the case of LookHealth, the answer is an unequivocal yes. The platform offers a holistic medicinal approach for modern times, achieving a fine balance between efficiency and automation on the one hand and tailored-made remedial care on the other. The old adage “prevention is better than cure” gets banded around so thoroughly that’s in danger of losing all meaning, what Dr Emeagi and LookHealth are offering is an practical, sustainable and ultimately achievable method for turning those five words from aphorism to reality. 

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